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Vegan Catlady
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Hey Spectrum

my take on this is that you have a few things going on, I dont believe its just some bad bacteria in the gut.

While you were pregnant, the body,being brilliant, protected the baby and mama by utilizing the building blocks you gave it to reinforce the immune system and level off your hormones.
If it didnt level the hormones off, its possible the baby would not have made it to term.

With this said, *any* endocrine gland issue would result in all of them being affected on some level.
This was something I didnt understand until this year…I always treated the system that wasnt working proper rather than looking for issues in systems that *appeared* to be working proper.

For instance, I always thought the kidneys were working well if my pee was clear.
Turns out that peeing clear could also be a result of the kidneys not filtering proper.
When you support that filtration, boy it affects everything!

This includes female hormones 🙂

The adrenals are responsible for hormone production too, and having a baby under ideal circumstances would not especially tax the adrenals but getting pregnant while sick, and having your issues return shortly after birth would indicate that maybe the adrenals could use some support now.
When the female hormones are out of whack, candida- if you have overgrowth- gets aggravated.
Unfortunately I know this part first hand, I get a very sore throat just before my periods.

You can very easily support your adrenals using vitamin supplements, herbal teas, seasalt, and getting more than average sleep.

Congrats on your new family member <3