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Raster, funny you bring this up. I thought being an “expert” on Candida that your symptoms would just be from Candida and you had it all figured out. I do not mean any disrespect at all.

What I mean is I have been going to my Alternative doctor for Candida. I have been on diet and supplements for about 6 weeks. But I have had symptoms (gassy, bloated) many times during 6 weeks.

I have always had cold hands and feet during cooler temperatures, even in house. And I have a hard time tolerating cold. I don’t sweat much even during working out and I have extremely dry skin.

I mentioned this at my follow up appt just this past Tuesday 11/5. It seems that there is something besides the Candida. Like I have a slow metabolism. I don’t generate enough energy to digest foods maybe. Doctor said to do the underarm temperature test for 2 weeks and getting a blood test. I go back in 3 weeks. I hope this explains things for me.

I hope you also feel better with this new problem. Thank you for all your previous support.

Good luck,