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Hello, welcome to the forum. The answers to your questions and a few comments are below.

Quote: I’ve read here that rice still has some gluten in it. All rice, or?

Reply: All rice is a starch, and all starches feed Candida. You shouldn’t have any rice at all, brown or otherwise.

Quote: My main question is…how do you really know if it’s working?

Reply: You “know” that it’s working if you’re doing everything correctly. Describe your entire diet, that way we can tell you whether or not you’re still feeding the Candia. If you’re killing the Candia and feeding them at the same time, you’re just wasting your time. That’s like shooting an enemy and then bandaging him so that you can shoot him again.

Quote: I’ve been taking different things that I’ve read you should take…so hopefully I really should be taking them? I have: Caprylic Acid, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Garlic capsules and I eat fresh garlic a few times a week.

Reply: These are fine for now. I would go ahead and add organic coconut oil starting with one teaspoon a day and moving up one teaspoon every two or three days. This is one of the best antifungals on the market, plus it will help to change the environment in your intestines to a less hospitable environment for the Candida.

Quote: I’ve been taking these things for 3 weeks now and I have no idea when I should stop…? Should I take probiotics with them or would it kill it off, too?

Reply: I would consider adding homemade kefir first. Read the following post. You can continue the antifungals you’re on until you run out. The best of the ones you already have is garlic.

Quote: Also, is hummus okay? I’ve read it is, but I’m not real sure.

Reply: That depends on the ingredients. Post the ingredients and we’ll let you know.

Quote: I only drink water and sometimes coconut milk (unsweetened). I’m allergic to regular milk and randomly developed an allergy to almonds and walnuts. No idea where that came from, but whenever I eat them my stomach feels like it’s sour/burning and trying to kill me.

Reply: You shouldn’t be eating or drinking any dairy products at all, including milk. Coconut milk is ok, but you’d be better off drinking more water. Leave all nuts alone for at least 2 or 3 months.

Quote: So how did you know you were done with the killing off stage?

Reply: After all symptoms have completely disappeared for at least a month.

Quote: I’ve been able to exercise a lot more.

Reply: Don’t overdo it with the exercise. Your immune system will suffer more, and it’s already overworking with trying to cure the Candida infestation. Mild excercise is fine.

PS: If you’re on birth control pills, your treatment will likely take much longer than it would otherwise.