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A cold/flu like symptoms are very similar to the die-off. I also got ill during the diet and it was pure die-off. It really takes its toll on the body. A few bad nights of sleep is all it can take at this critical time to make you feel even worse.

Brown rice has been problematic for many forum users. I ate brown rice for 2 months on my pre-candida diet and it didnt help. I had a leaky gut allergic reaction to it eventually. It does contain small amounts of gluten and should be saved for phase 2 if possible. Buckwheat is a great alternative and has similar flavor/texture and no gluten!

I would start taking molybdenum to kill off the candida further. I would also consider SF722 undeceonic acid to kill the candida. Candida can adapt to caprylic acid after 6-8 weeks but undeceonic acid is effective much longer. After doing both or either of these for a week, I would start the probiotic.

The probiotics are the most important thing that you need to cure the candida. Antibiotics often kill the beneficial flora in your gut and probiotics introduce them back into the gut. Start out at maybe 30-50 billion a day and move up slowly over time. Probiotics do so many things that I can’t get into all of the benefits. Kefir is also a natural probiotic that grows on its own…you just add milk/sugar and it grows over and over endlessly.

Garbanzo beans/chickpeas are technically a phase 2 item. I however had no problem with them while on the diet in small amounts and didn’t notice any setbacks. It probably effects different people differently. However, hummus concentrates it, so I would take it easy on it if possible. If you get a mucus reaction to anything you eat, this means you shouldn’t have it. This is my rule of thumb.

I would avoid the almonds/nuts until phase 2. If you get a reaction to it, it may mean that you have leaky gut syndrome. Molybdenum and grape or other bitters can help heal the gut.

You know when you are done with the killing off stage when you are symptom free. Headaches, nauseau, fatigue, mucus production, tremors/heart palpitations, and many more symptoms will go away or be very reduced. This includes allergic reactions to foods such as almonds, fruit, etc.

I did phase 1 for 4 months, and only at that time did I feel like I should move onto phase 2. All of my symptoms completely dissappeared and I had no reactions to any foods. The fatigue dramatically reduced as well.