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turkishdelight;37548 wrote: is it necessary to have a prebiotic?

When you take your new pet home from the pet store, is it necessary to feed him? You can either eat a LOT of the prebiotic foods or take a good prebiotic supplement such as chicory root or FOS. But if you don’t feed them good and often, they’re not going to help you.

The top eight prebiotic foods in order of significance while on a Candida protocol.

Raw Chicory Root
Raw Jerusalem Artichoke
Raw Dandelion Greens
Raw Garlic (Garlic also contains antibiotic properties and should probably be discontinued less than a month into the treatment. The main purpose for it in the protocol is to kill Candida during the first few weeks.)
Raw Leek
Raw Onion
Cooked Onion
Raw Asparagus