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Hi William!

As Thomas says, those cookies would not be recommended on this forums diet. My suggestions would be similar to Jackies – put your time & effort into reading the protocol, and all the other posts on this forums and you will become more informed about the diet, the supplements etc etc. I know you’re looking for a “quick fix” to snack on but there really isn’t anything out there in the “free from” section that is 100% ok for you to eat. For example all the gluten free pruducts have other candida feeding starches as well as sugars & yeast and lots of other hidden nasties. Have a look on the recipe boards for recipes for coconut bread & buckwheat bread which will be a huge help in terms of filling up.

I wish you well in your recovery. It’s hard to say how long you’ll feel bad because that depends on your infestation level as well as the strength of antifungals & probiotic you decide to take… but we all went through it and there is light at the end of the tunnel! I was on the diet very strictly for the last 3 months and have now been able to reintroduce a few food & drink items… and feel 100% better, fully symptom free. Others have managed that in 5 or 6 months so it is acheivable.