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TomC wrote: Sorry but I also have some more questions.

Because this is all new to me, I didn’t start this whole thing in the right order. I didn’t do an official detox stage or anything…I first felt die off symptoms when I went low carb/sugar and started to eat more raw vegetables but at the time I didn’t know what was causing it. Then when I cut sugar completely and started taking probiotics, the die off symptoms were much worse. However, I read here that some skip the colon cleanse. A week into the candida diet, I bought some OxyPowder, tried 4 capsules before bed and it didn’t do anything anyway. So, I have so far spent lots of money on supplements, from Oxypowder, to probiotics, multivitamins, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Milk Thistle,Oregano oil, clove capsules and I have some “ultimate cleanse” on the way but might not even use it. If I have to fast, I probably won’t because I need food when I got to work.

My question here is, am I wasting money? or am I missing something. What things are essential? I have not even tried all the things I have, because I fear a too severe die off. Also, how do I know if I have kidney or liver damage?

Don’t stress so much about it. Stress is not good for your treatment and healing process. Read everything and make up a plan. Organization is very helpful for this treatment, many of us messed up until we got organized.

You can skip the cleanse, many of us did. The cleanse that is posted in the second link I gave you is easier than the website’s but I couldn’t do that one either as I work full time and have small kids that I raise alone. You can do it just few days over the weekend if possible, or you can just go straight to the diet as many of us did. Cleanse prepares you for the treatment and is supposed to clean out your body from excess toxins as you will have more of them when you start killing off candida.

Hope I answered your questions.