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Are you certain your reactions are bad ones (leaky gut, etc.) and not die-off? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

My best advice is to just keep staying strict on the diet and keep on with antifungals. You can’t cure leaky gut until the candida numbers die down.

Also, I just started using this product called Intestinew by Renew Life which is essentially just powdered l-glutamine with some gut-healing herbs added to it, but it seems to be making a big difference already for me. I wouldn’t try it though until you’ve knocked down the infestation.

I find that my leaky gut is way worse when the candida is worse. I used to barely be able to eat anything either. I just kind of pushed through some of it (the veggies) and keep trying, waiting a few weeks, trying again, etc. other things. Certain foods I still can’t have a lot of, such as coconut flour or milk, yet I can have coconut oil and manna/butter with no problems. I get a little nauseous if I totally overeat it, but it’s not the same as the reaction I get from the flour/milk…that’s more of the fatigued sweaty leaky gut kind :p