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jgirl wrote: I have been reading about your nystatin enemas and have become very anxious to try doing it myself. However I have a few questions for you I was hoping you might answer for me before I shell out the money to visit a doctor and get a nystatin prescription.

How long can I expect to have to do the enemas before I can start feeling better and adding foods back into my diet?

If this really cured you like you have expressed, are you 100% cured at this point? Do you still have to do the enemas occasionally or stick to a strict diet?

My only symptom for four years has been constant rectal itching that improves with the diet. Do you think a nystatin suppository would be sufficient to take care of this or should I still look into the enemas?

I am thinking about a metametrix mycology lab to see where I’m at with the yeast. How helpful is this test in your opinon?

Could you please share your experiences and where you are at this point? I am fascinated by your knowledge and I thank you for all I have learned from your sharing.

I don’t have an answer regarding to the time you need to heal. It is individual because every case is different. I don’t know if I am cured or not. Cure for me means to eat openly and I don’t do it now. I am totally symptom free and feel normal. I am giving more time to test offensive food. I still do the enemas because I see dead tissue ( with fungal colonies ?? )coming out, meaning I need to go further.
The enemas were what took me to the symptom free state. It is something you need to try yourself and evaluate if they work for you.