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I am on a strict diet for 5 months, eating only allowed veggies and meat( chicken, turkey and fish). Before I was on the forum diet eating meat, veggies, buckwheat for 3 months.

Which diet are you on, the stricter diet or the website’s diet?

I can’t have any of the recommended cabs such as buckwheat and rice bran as I have symptoms like pins and needls in my face.

Have you tried Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour? It’s rather rare for people to be allergic to anything having to do with coconuts.

At the moment I am rotating antifungals such as oregano oil and GSE every 2 weeks. Also i am taking SF722 and olive leafe extract every day. In total I’m taking antifungals for 4 months and 100 billion probiotic innate brand. I also take DE and other parasite herbs.

You didn’t mention virgin coconut oil, are you taking this?

I noticed that eating organic chicken made my symptoms worse.

How often do you eat chicken, fish, or turkey? How many times a week and how many times a day?

One of my Big problem is pain in my shoulders in low back and glutes. I feel a very bad burning pain. I know that I have problems with my back, but the symptoms aggravated much more worse, since I am taking antifungals. Sometimes, I don’t want to live as my back muscles get so tight and it hurts a lot. I go to acupuncture, chiropractor and massage regularly. nobody knows why it is so bad.
I just wanted to understand if it is athritis or candida overgrowth or may be Mercury also aggravating the problem.

It could be one of these, or it could be a combination of all three. It could also be due to inflammation. I’m sorry to say that there’s really no way of knowing the exact cause. If you didn’t have these specific pains before, I doubt the cause could be mercury poisoning since you would have had the mercury before starting the treatment.

Can you please advise what antifungals should I take? I feel burning pain in my muscles after GSE much worse then from taking oregano.

Stop taking all of the antifungals except virgin coconut oil. Let me know if you’re already taking it and at what dose.

Try to obtain either a MegaFlora or an Innate probiotic containing a 50 billion count and add one every day; or if you can’t buy one at this time, increase your probiotic to 200 billion, two pills a day.