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Hi All

Thanks very much for your answers.

Latka: I dont have any amalgam fillings. I used to have one, I think a long time ago, may be around 10 years ago. Thanks for your wishes.

Raster: I have cod liver oil every day, but it is not fermented. I eat broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini every day, they are my main food.
I eat fish most of the days. I dont eat pumpkin as i am still on the strict diet. I would love to eat it, but i am not sure if i can. I eat only organic meat. I don’t eat organic veggies, as in our supermarkets, there are not much of organic veggies and there are so expensive.
I am taking digestive bitters alcohol free, also I take l- glutamin, CoQ10 and slippery elm for leaky gut syndrom.

Able: I am on the diet, you sent to me, but no carbs at all.

All what I eat is broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green beens, swede and plenty of avocados.

I used to eat lots of meat such as turkey, chicken and fish. Now I limited to only one serving a day or sometimes no protein.

Sometimes, I feel that I am malnutritioned as I feel like pass out being on this diet for months. Lately, I noticed that eating profs in start affecting me, I start having pins and needles in my face and hands so why I reduced protein. I noticed that fish does not affect as bad as chicken does.

I tried coconut flour and it gives me very bad cramps and pain in my stomach. The same with Virgin coconut oil as I can’t digest fats. After coconut oil I end up so sick in my stomach for weeks. I had the same problem from duck fat, not as bad as coconut oil. However, chicken fat does not effect me. I went to naturopath and she checked my allergies, and she told me that my body does not like coconut in any form.
I eat Turkey and fish almost every day. One piece of fish and two patties of turkey meance. If I won’t eat this protein, then not much left to eat for me.

I am taking Innate probiotic 100 billion a day. Previously I took megaflora,nubt it was shipped without ice.

Should I try heavy metal detox ? Did somebody try Cutler protocol?

Also is golden seal good to take? I think I have read that it is not good to take when you have leaky gut syndrome.

I don’t know what to do next. I am following everybody’s advice here but not improving greatly as I would like to be.

My tongue is still whitish. Long time ago it used to be pink, I remember.

Should I try oil of thyme?

Thanks everybody, I really appreciate your help.