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Hi guys

Thanks very much for your replies.

Raster: I start doing acupuncture specifically to improve digestion and gall bladder, liver function.

I also noticed improvement in my digestion after adding slippery elm. But my stool has lots of undigested food such as veggies, and very loose.

I take all the supplements recommended here on forum: zinc, magnesium, calcium , biotin, vit c, vit A, vit D, potassium phosphate, q10, bitters, acetyl- l-carnitine, taurine, quercitin for allergy, Ashwagandha, cod liver oil, folic acid, molybdenum, probiotics. Plus anti parasite herbs.

I spend around $400 per months as some staff is expensive such as probiotics, Q10 and SF722.

I don’t think I will be able to do so for long time, so I wanted to attack candida now as much as possible.

I cant really eat prebiotics foods as they give me heaviness, a bit of pain in my stomach and I think they effect candida levels as I feel die off. I will try fiber aka inulin.

I will possibly try 3 probiotics a day but not at the moment as I have only enough to last me until next order, which I do from iherb. I will advise you when I have done this.

I have done oil pulling for 1 month previously, but still had whitish tongue. Is your tongue, normal colour now?

When you say to try one teaspoon of coconut flour, do you mean in baking or just put over the food. As I don’t eat any carbs at the moment and my stomach feels better, I can’t imagine baking something with on teaspoon of coconut flour.

I am still taking SF722.

Many thanks guys.