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healinglight;45535 wrote: Hi!

I have had an increasing problem with getting to sleep at night since the last one and a months, and the problem increased gradually as I increased the probiotics and coconut oil dose.

I have passed almost two weeks with only 3 hours of sleep, that too only during the daytime, and now it is driving me crazy.

Tried everything…aswagandha, licorice, enemas, epsom salt baths at night, accupressure, color therapy, enemas, pranayams.

I have cut back on probiotics, garlic and coconut oil, but the insomnia is the same. The only respite I received was in the last two days when I had to take an analgesic, antispasmodic drug during my periods cycle, when I could sleep for 6-7 hours at night.

Not getting enough sleep has led me to a host of other problems… I am having low grade fever again, allergies, headache, severe body ache and difficulty breathing…not to mention that I have severe brain fog, and can hardly think in an organized and coordinated manner.

I am regularly taking all vitamins, molybdenum and milk thistle.

Please help me as it seems my body cannot take this anymore.

First off, trouble breathing? If you are truly having difficulty breathing. Please see a doctor.

Now, on to your question…

Insomnia is unfortunately indicative of the healing crisis; too many toxins are being released into your system, overloading your detox pathways and making sleep a casualty.

How can you improve your bodies detox ability?
How often do you take a shower? Do you use a dry skin brush? Also, do you regularly use a dry sauna? All of this will help. Please read my post about de-stressing and de-toxing if you haven’t already.