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sarzp;30805 wrote: Thanks so much for your reply. It’s confusing because the treatment for Cytolytic Vaginosis (baking soda) is the opposite treatment for yeast.

I actually just left a message for Dr. Crandall and am hoping to speak with her. My naturopath has given me a product by Apex Energetics called GI Synergy and said to take one packet three times a day. I’m hoping that it will be strong enough along with the diet. I also have a whole jar of fluconazole in case she recommends I take those also or instead.

I’m wondering if IC might have something to do with a candida allergy. Do you recommend doing the diet and antifungals for a while before addressing the allergy?

Thank you!

All have to be done at the same time. Speak with her. She can guide you to the treatment and advice your Dr if that was the case.
She is one of the few pioneer with knowledge about mycology and CRC still providing services.

During my journey, I have read every CRC book written by Drs, still I haven’t found anything close to the level of knowledge and expertise Dr. Crandall has.

You can not be on better hands. I promise you.