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sarzp;31000 wrote: Really? 🙁

Everywhere else I’m reading it says the reverse, that Diflucan only effectively kills yeast in the blood, not in the gut. Why would it come back worse after taking it if I’m doing the diet and taking probiotics?

Also, why do alkalizing remedies help? I thought that Candida likes alkaline environments, hence the use of boric acid vaginal suppositories and also why it’s important to take lots of probiotics as the Lactobicillus emits hydrogen peroxide acid which inhibits candida growth.

I’ve been doing a very strict version of the diet for the last three weeks, taking one of the Critical Cure 100 billion probiotics a day, as well as compounded pills of high-quality herbal anti-fungals with each meal (Caprylic Acid, Uva Ursi, Cat’s claw, Pau D’ Arco bark, Wormwood, Black Walnut hull, Olive leaf, Garlic, Goldenseal, Oregano oil, Barberry root, Oregon Grape root, Chinese Goldthread root, Yerba Mansa root). It’s done zilch to help the situation. No die-off, no sugar cravings, and no improvement. I already take most all the vitamin supplements on the list.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I am very happy you have a diagnosis. So, I was right. Your case is exactly what I told you in my first answer, Chronic Atrophic Erythematous Candidiasis. I am a man, but a human who also has a daughter. Do you know how many women I have helped to identify this rare condition after years of suffering and trying all without results ?? I believe, at least 30 or 40 in my years in these forums. I have joined vulvodinia forums to answer posts about it and help, only to help. Many of them have offered me money that I have never taken.

Your medical test confirmed my suspicion. Please, ignore the ignorant answer you got in the other post. That person knows about it the same thing my 6 year old daughters knows.

You need a long term systemic Rx antifungal drug to cure it. You need an immune system evaluation in case you don’t respond to it. Diflucan is the first try. There are many more things you can try if it doesn’t work. Drug combinations, (local and systemic) immune modulators, etc.
Dr. Crandall began with her first bullet, but you can rest sure that she has many more. She is one of the very few pioneer researcher about the yeast syndrome still giving service. A real authority about mycology and candida species. I have bought and read all candida books you can find in the market, but one you read her and you have knowledge, you realize there is nothing that compare to it. She is in another league.

Anyway, Diflucan is totally the opposite the other poster told you. Diflucan GOES to the blood and has very low impact in the intestines. It is an absorbed systemic drug. It upset me how persons without knowledge respond with authoritarianism. It is the health what is involved in these forums.

Good Luck,