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I initially used Diflucan and Nystatin when I had systemic or disseminated candida and both had no affect on my candida whatsoever.

Later, I did alot of research and found out that modern medical research even admits to its inability to diagnose early stage candida problems and their ineffectual anti-fungal treatments are indeed problematic because candida can so easily adjust to their synthetic anti-fungals in the same way that bacteria can adjust to their synthetic antibiotics. See this research,

Recurrent Candidiasis: One Step Forward, Still Backward,(2004)

Growing Concern: Inability to Diagnose Vulvovaginal Infections Correctly (2004).

Biological diagnosis of systemic candidiasis: difficulties and future prospects (2007)

So the strategy that I personally used to kill off the candida and all associated pathogens was to use broad spectrum pathogen killers — that will kill fungus, yeast, bacteria and viruses quickly — such as daily supplementing of lugol’s iodine or hydrogen peroxide. Both these chemicals will kill candida and other pathogens in seconds — so no chance for candida to be able to adjust in a similar way that bacteria can adjust to antibiotics. This strategy worked very well and I’ve been free of systemic candida(and all my other problems) for about 7 years now. I also eat a moderately anti-candida diet now — no sugar, no dairy, no vegetable oil(I use virgin coconut oil for cooking now) only a few baking products etc. I also still take the 5% lugol’s iodine once every two days or so — about 4 drops. I also take ALA, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, NAC, niacin, B complex, Vitamin C in higher orthomolecular dosages to up my protective antioxidant levels. Funny thing is that I’ve not been ill at all in 6 years since starting this maintenance protocol — no flu or colds or aches and pains or anything.

I’m also currently researching Nigella sativa(Black Seed, Blessed Seed, Kalonji) and Spirit of Gum Turpentine(organic distillate of pine oil) as other simpler supplementary methods for killing off candida.