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Adah;48210 wrote: I am increasing the MAAC and dandelion tea and chicory.

I had a reaction after eating some whole raw coconut meat. Is it also a probiotic or is just that it may be too much sugar that is setting me off a bit? If it’s die off, I can manage it, if it’s the sugar, I must stop eating it.

Since you are reacting so strongly to anything containing antifungal properties, your reaction to the fresh coconut was probably the oil it contained. A cup of shredded raw coconut will contain around 28 grams of fat or oil. But even better, the fresh coconut contains a lot more vitamins and minerals than the pure oil, even though the oil contains lots of other benefits. You should probably treat fresh coconut just like
you are the coconut oil, kefir and sauerkraut; meaning increase it very slowly.

How much of the MAAC were you taking?