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matvei15 wrote: After becoming conscientious of my candida overgrowth last year in December, I feel my diet and probiotic use has definitely helped (not completely removed) most of my otherwise unexplainable symptoms. I’ve tested, sometimes out of politeness when in the company of others, some foods that would normally not be recommended on a candida diet. The good news is that even though I don’t feel 100%, I don’t note any sort of specific reaction after eating such foods, although eaten rarely. For exampled, I had one slice of watermelon tonight, and afterwards, did not have a rash, stomach issues, or anything else notable. Are flare-ups usually a fairly instantaneous occurrence? It seems most symptoms that I feel from time to time occur as what I’d like to think as apart of periodic die-off layers. Any thoughts as to where I’m at? Thanks!

It is hard to tell but candida symptoms don’t appear overnight one time you have controlled the overgrowth.
If you are almost symptom free now, you should hit the yeast hard more than ever.
The diet won’t eliminate it but proper antifungal therapy do.