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dvjorge wrote:
What suppress the immune system is the fungal form of candida, it release mannan that suppresses cell-mediated immunity. It is a sequence of events where the yeast wins terrain and is tolerated by the immune system. What keep candida under control is the immune system and the competitive bacterial flora. Eliminating candida colonies in the colon, you eliminate the MANNAN factory, so cell-mediated immunity will have a chance to recover. Image you have a fungal overgrowth in the colon suppressing your Th1 immunity and also heavy metal toxicity such as mercury that polarizes the immune system in a Th2 mode and suppress cell-mediated. How help you can overcome it when your Th1 is totally paralized?

Great info. Very important to know. Thank you.

dvjorge wrote:
To win it is necessary an integral approach where everything that compromise the immunity be addressed. Heavy metals, the same candida, parasites, viruses, etc.
You must unload the immune system to recover its function.
I am close to the point where I won’t post more in the forums. I am tired of this for such as long time. People still speak about brown rice or if they can eat tomatoes. The fungus die when the poison and the immunity do their job. My case was so bad that almost kill me. The nystatin enemas together with the diet and oral antifungals have done it fast. I don’t know if I ended with it or not yet. What I can tell you is I almost don’t feel anything at this time. !

I really appreciate your posts Jorge, as you are about the only person online with deep technical knowledge regarding the mechanics of candida. I understand if you dont want to post anymore, but it would be a shame because I would love to hear if you cured candida in the end. Also, your posts teach me a lot, and it would be a shame to miss all your knowledge on here. Now it seems like you have found a way, and I hear you. Doing enema’s makes perfect sense, and I am really considering one. But all a person can do is explain and tell. People make up their own minds, and find their own way (hopefully). I had exactly the same thing on this forum with my method.