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Ya know, just to be on the safe side, I would ditch the veganaise for now. You don’t want to be eating the sugar (rice syrup). FDA labels can say something has 0g of sugar when it actually doesn’t…it can have up to .5 or maybe even .75g (I forget) yet still be labeled 0…and that is per serving, which is pretty small, 1 or 2 tbsp I believe. I know I love veganaise and had a hard time staying within a serving size guideline.

Hemp protein is awesome. It tastes super good and you can mix it into your cereal.

Candida is just kind of a shitty bummer and you just have to take it real easy and give up a lot of activities to give your body a chance to heal. I am not an athlete, but I dance in 2 dance troupes and am in a show choir, all of which I have had to give up going on 3 terms now 🙁 It sucks, but I know they will be there waiting for me to be even more fabulous once I’m healed!

Also, peas are definitely not on the diet, so I don’t know why pea protein would be okay. They are sugary and starchy and whatnot, and pea protein, I believe, is usually an isolate? Maybe I’m wrong, but if it is, that’s produced through an extensive chemical process using a type of fungus in the extraction. Someone else can probably explain this with better details than me.