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Hi everyone,

I want to thank you all so much for your responses. You’re giving me hope :). I promise to stay off of birth control and stick with the diet. I’ve been on it for over a month now.

Honestly, my biggest concern right now is this weird melasma-looking rash on my upper lip. I’m not sure if it’s even melasma, but it started when my digestive system started to get out of control. It’s like little brown dots/splotches. I thought this might be related to my PCOS, which is why I thought about going back on BC in the first place. But, now I’m thinking it’s candida/leaky gut related.

Have any of you guys heard of or experienced this? it’s worse on some days. I hate it… I feel like everyone can see it. I just want my body to go back to normal!! I even started taking Maca root yesterday because I heard it can balance out hormones naturally.

P.S. – How long on the diet until you guys could start eating fruit? The smell of fresh peaches at the farmer’s market KILLED me this past weekend.

Thank you infinity!