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GOOD LUCK!! I’m glad I could help! I don’t like to think about in wrong vs right, more just this is what I will eat for my health, these things I won’t because they might affect my health negatively at this point.

It’s totally confusing though – I did “Body Ecology Diet” for a couple of weeks before realizing it was full of crap compared to this diet for getting rid of candida so i had a nice ease into it all as well :p I’m also coming from over two years of increasing food intolerances so I guess I had a two-year slide into it, haha…I hadn’t really had sugar-sugar (as opposed to fruit, maple syrup, etc.) in a couple of years aside from a couple months where I was so mad nothing was fixing my allergies that I ate it anyway. Probably didn’t help me much now, but at the time it was a nice break! Ha ha.

Anyway, be gentle with yourself, molybdenum and vitamin c are amazing for die-off, so is sitting in a sauna or taking a hot epsom salt bath, so I recommend all of that.