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Thanks ill have to see if I can get that here in us, I can ask my doc bout it to, I have been going 2 docs for past year & a half with vaginal pain and eventually got diagnosed with ic based on symptoms but they did many tests just didn’t find anything.

My ob gave me diflucan twice a wk 100 mg for chronic yeast infections I know she wont believe systemic yeast I haven’t messd with the prescrip yet cuz I read its really hard on my liver I may try it after die off ends idk.

I was diagnosed with pcos 8 years ago at 18 I never had painful sex or any pain from this condition but it caused insulin resistance gave me high sugar and prevented me from getting preggo. My docs put me on metfotmin which is a diabetes drug for sugar and I lost 20 pounds with exercise and immediately got preggo no problem 4 months later. After my baby is when the pain began I never thought of pcos being a cause of it.

I’m gonna ask doc bout canestin soon I need sumthing for pain thanks girls!