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You are welcome. I am honored to share what I’ve learned from experience and research.
In rereading my post, it’s Biotin that keeps the Candida in check, from morphing into the fungal form.
I talked about folic acid because it’s important where… a supplement is delivered. The vitamins I take are coated with folic acid, not bound up inside the capsule. This way it’s delivered to the stomach, where it’s needed. And, if anyone is even remotely able to get pregnant, you should be on a good natural vitamin, coated w/ folic acid, as the baby’s neural tubes (think brain development) needs it in the first….6 or so weeks. NOT after that 8 week first prenatal visit.

If the vitamin is synthetic, and the body has to work to get rid of it, or it never dissolves (put yours in a half glass of water and it should dissolve within about 20 min.) it is what is referred to as a ‘bedpan bullet’. You can also bake it in the oven. If it’s black and bubbly and stinks, it’s made from coal tar derivatives, which are known to cause cancer. Your supplements should help you, not hurt you. Think live enzymes and made from food, cold processed. I took prenatal vitamins from a prescription for my first two children, 4 lbs.11 oz, and 6 lb.s 10 oz. w/ a thin sickly looking umbilical cord both times. With the third child, I took a natural vitamin (I don’t want to advertise here, as it’s not my purpose, but they are all I trust) and my first son was ten pounds, and the doctors were shocked and amazed at the healthy cord. It was a ‘biological work of art’.

My point in sharing this, is so you don’t waste precious time and money making mistakes. Usually the first line of recovery is probiotics or fermented veggies, yogurt, etc. as the digestive system is a priority. Once it’s stable, the immune system can take care of the cancer and female problems. It just needs the nutrients to do so. Let your food be your medicine. If you’re financially struggling, just make sure you take a good multivitamin and fish oil without contamination, garden, grow sprouts, juice and glow. Walking saved my father’s life when the doctors gave him 6-12 months to live with level IV Melanoma. He had walked 5 miles a day for years. He lived till his mid 80’s, about 20 years longer.

Dr. Sandra Bevacqua is a Microbiologist, and she instructs medical docs on nutritional supplements w/ cancer patients. She learned how important probiotics were, in treating a woman the doctors had given up on. All metastatic cancer left except for one small spot on this woman’s pelvis, and then her friends talked her into stopping her supplements and going back on her old diet. She died. Candida will make you crave sugar, bring depression and brain fog, so don’t feel guilty like it’s just you. With the right vitamins and minerals, exercise, fresh green juices, meditation (for deep breathing and oxygen and calming stress) you can rebalance and reclaim your health.

Check YouTube under Dr. Simoncini to find out how much baking soda to use in a douche. I don’t remember, but I just added a couple of good pinches in warm water. It worked fine, but if you watch the videos about this, you’ll hear the amount.