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Emsmith;33398 wrote: And constipated, exhausted, really wanting to drive 2min to little cesears and enjoy a hot and ready $5 cheese pizza. Ive tried peppermint tea, swedish bitters-uckkkk, water, detox tea, inulin, my ususal hot lemon water first thing. Yesterday i made oat bran/coc bread, ended up choking on the dry brick even though i followed the recipe. Trying to temember what ive accomplished, no flaky scalp, oral thrush, cloudy urine, chapped lips, but skin is still breaking out despite upping my milk thistle and moly. Im waiting on this lady to get back from out of town to get kefir grains and hoping that will help.

Em, you didn’t mention coconut oil. It’s part of the protocol and will help the constipation.

You can add more eggs or more oil and even coconut milk to the bread recipe if it turns out too dry.