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I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. Here are a few suggestions that I have tried and have been successful with:

1.)Drink warm water. Not cold. I would boil a pot of water on the stove and drink that throughout the day. It actually does make a difference.

2.) Steamed veggies. I had a big steamer and would just throw in some of my favorite veggies lik broccoli or cabbage and eat those with a little bit of olive oil and himalayan salt (easy to get at World Market).

3.) Quinoa- Cook a pot and store in fridge. Heat and eat whenever you want. Lots of fiber and gives you protein and essential amino acids. Tip: I add some spices like garlic powder, salt and some turmeric to the water and then cook it. I have also on occasional sauteed some fresh garlic and onions, then added the water to cook. It tastes really good!

4.) Millet bread. In India I believe that call it “bajiree roti”. Some major indian stores sell it ready made….but better to make fresh because the stale stuff doesn’t taste so good. Take the flour, add some seasoning for taste like salt, turmeric, garlic….whatever you like. Sometimes I do fresh chopped spinach. Add that to a bowl with the flour and slowly had some warm water while mixing with your hand. Be careful not to add too much water. Form into a ball and flatten. Add to a skillet with oiland cook on both sides (kind of like a thicker version of a mini tortilla).

All of my GI symptoms subsided within 24 hours. Not to be too descriptive here, but I was having difficulty with getting just one bowel movement a day. After I started this….I am up to 3 normal movements a day. And I feel great!
I am keeping this up for as long as I am on the diet until my Candida is gone.
I hope this helps.