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doravanil;51800 wrote:

I will echo what impossible said and say that you should support your adrenals and get that situation sorted out before you start any thyroid support. Supplementing for your thyroid when your adrenals are already weak will make you feel worse.

If you want to get a better idea of where your adrenals/thyroid are at you might want to try tracking your daily temperature. Here’s some information on that:

Adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha and Rhodiola are typically not enough to best support the adrenals. Adrenal Cortex Extract, on the other hand, can help a lot with adrenal fatigue and I highly recommend you check it out. It’s by far the most important supplement I take. I also wouldn’t assume that your adrenals are fine based on your cortisol test results. When I did the cortisol spit test a while back my results were slightly low, but still in the “normal” range and I benefit greatly from taking ACE.

Thank you. The only problem with the thyroid support is that I really can’t abandon it because I don’t have a thyroid anymore. I don’t know if there is an okay way to treat that while simultaneously healing the adrenals. If you have any ideas, though, I would be open to them for sure!

If your not that symptomatic, just support them with b5/c or ace and dont worry about it. You should notice a difference rather quickly.

Oh, oral cortisol/cortisone really isnt a good idea. First, cortisol supplementation in any way affects the hpa axis, which is why I recommend b5/c. Second, oral down the pipe usage basically turns off your immune system if used in any appreciable amount. The average person can somewhat get away with about isocort tab a day, beyond that is too much immune suppression. I dont tolerate ace, b5/c alone wasnt enough, so I actually use hydrocortisone topically now. I have it compounded.