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klips32;51848 wrote:

Also, make sure you are kepping your blood sugar at a proper stable level and getting enough sleep. A big spoonful of any nutbutter before bed helps with both of those.

If I do that, I feel very hungry and starved in the morning, how come?

Just drawing on general knowledge and experience, the way I understand it is this. The body goes through a cycle after eating that triggers hunger again. This is largely influenced by blood sugar and leptin levels falling. When blood sugar falls it triggers hunger, when it falls enough the brain stimulates production of adrenaline, via the adrenals, to get the liver to kick out stored glucose and restore blood sugar levels. When blood sugar rises, hunger diminishes. When leptin becomes low enough, it triggers another hormone that causes the feeling of hunger. Im assuming that the levels of this hormone are greatest at the point of initial production and taper off over the course of a few hours. This is something that typically happens around around 3 or 4 in the morning and you, hopefully, sleep through. By the time you wake up most of the hunger feelings have already subsided. The people that experience awakening at 3 or 4 in the morning with their thoughts running on are experiencing this, thats the mini adrenaline surge. It can still disrupt the quality of sleep even if it doesnt wake you. By eating the nut butter, or any meal i guess, you are restarting the clock and not experiencing those things until awakening, and avoiding the adrenaline surge and lack of sleep that are hard on the adrenals. Nut butters work the best, hangs around the longest.