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My brother also suffered from Candida over growth and was treated by a doctor in indiana who specialized in the correlation between autism and yeast. I just found out I have been accepted into her autism program although I am not autistic and am very grateful she is willing to help. I have had trouble understanding what is wrong with my body despite the books I have read and the countless hours on the internet. I am not worried about the diet, just because I have been on this diet once before to support my brother. Although I am worried about eating right at college. I have my tuition/ dorms/ and food expenses paid by scholarships, but I may need to find more just to be able to keep up with the vitamins and supplements ( I know my brother took so many pills when he was going through this!), but I know my parents will help. I have been on the diet for about a month, and I feel awful- this is normal right? Something about die off. I just hope it ends soon, I have been irritating everyone around me just because I have been so grumpy because the die off symptoms I have been experiencing.

Thanks for your help!

Since there is no real accurate test for celiacs- I plan to stay far away from gluten for a while!