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I’ve heard some horrific stories about undiagnosed coeliacs. People literally lose their lives to it. Don’t wait for a diagnosis. It’s part of the diet anyway, but I’d go gluten-free ASAP. Does thyroid disease run in the family too? Gluten in the bloodstream can cause Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and isn’t uncommon in coeliacs. One lot of gluten can sustain an attack for months before the thyroid is able to start healing, and even trace amounts can prevent the gut lining from fully recovering.

If you’re lucky coeliac disease isn’t a factor. The cocktail of stress, oral contraceptives and antibiotics is enough to make anyone susceptible to infection and health problems. I’d read up a bit on hormones and try to get some labs if you can. It’s likely yours are shot to pieces, and some numbers to go on is something I wish I’d had from the start. It might be good to rule out elevated thyroid antibodies too. It can be hard to rely on a doctor for all of this, so it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can, but don’t get sucked into quackery as you do.

Keep in mind that recovering from hormonal imbalances, damage to the gut lining and flora and getting candida under control can take a long time, but you’re still young and some people see a big reduction in symptoms relatively quickly. Hopefully you’ll come out of it stronger and more knowledgeable about your body and health.