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Thank you all very much for your responses. I’ve been a bit delayed in replying as I’ve just felt too drained and irritable to sit here and write something, but I’m feeling a little bit better now.

I think rest is the most important thing for me at the moment. However I am developing a new problem that I have never encountered before: a fear of leaving the house. I think the fact that I had a panic attack in an isolated, unfamiliar city with no friends around and ended up in hospital, coupled with dizziness and fatigue, is making the outdoors a scary place. I have just got back from a short walk in the woods and a trip to the shop, however, as I CANNOT start avoiding going outside. That would be the WORST possible thing I could do. So, I need to find a balance between resting and scaring myself by heading out for short strolls.

Thank god I have acupuncture tomorrow. Last time I went for acupuncture it really gave me a boost for a few days which I really need right now.

I am really appreciative of all of your suggestions. I have ordered some Ashwagandha and Vitamin C, though I am going to hold off on the SAM-e for now as I like to try things one at a time to see their effect. Thank you Shayfo and Alexalgebra for your supportive words 🙂 I do believe that I will get through this as I have been through so much crap before and come out that I don’t see that this will be different. Regarding Yoga, Honey, it is something I have considered before. I am also considering Tai Chi at the moment for similar reasons. I think I need to wait until I am in a bit better place physically as I am a bit of a wreck at the moment. Thank you though for your post 🙂 It is certainly something I will consider.

I think I might start keep a journal so I can see progress over time even if I feel like I am getting nowhere.

Keep sending out positive vibes folks 🙂