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Ghee is a more pure form of butter, but it still is considered dairy. An alternative for butters in things such as breads and cooking oils would be coconut oil.

Stevia is an iffy ingredient on the candida diet because it causes the body to react to it; the body interprets it as sugar and thus creates a “mucus” response. Mucus protects the candida which is something you want to prevent. It is a great alternative to sugar. I use stevia myself but am wary of it.

Inulin is a very healthy product to have on the diet though, but it is derived from agave which is a sugar. Trader joe’s has a cheap/healthy version of stevia that doesn’t have an additional ingredients. Another brand is the sweatleaf brand that is sold on and elsewhere. Avoid any stevia that mentions additional ingredients, it should only contain stevia only.

On a side note: I saw one with maltodextrin and this is a joke! Thats a form of sugar!