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Jmb;30873 wrote: Thanks able do amazon deliver to uk ?

I’ve been using NHR Organics essential oils for quite a while. They have a UK and possibly US base so delivery to the UK isn’t a problem. I have been buying their 30ml bottles of Oregano, although I started on the smaller bottles at first. I also use their German chamomile (watered down 1 drop in 5 to 10ml of water) internally as well.

They provide gas liquid chromatography details for their oils and guarantee their purity which is the only reason that I would use them internally. The last thing I would like to be using internally is an EO that contains other chemicals that might be harmful. This shows the quantities of the components of the oil so you know what your getting in terms of quality. Is all well and good claiming to be high quality but unless you prove it then it’s all marketing claims IMO.

I don’t know about the price, whether they are expensive or not, because I haven’t really looked at too many other places except for some that came up on google. The Oregano that they sell is a pure oil with nothing else added.

I usually add a drop to Coconut oil when taking orally.

It looks like that oil recommended by Able900 is available on Amazon UK but quite expensive. However it does contain Olive oil so it isn’t pure Oregano.