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Able900 wrote:

So i guess ill leave my 3.5% carvacol oregano oil, and buy one with around 60-70% carvacol that is natural / wild oregano oil?

That’s correct, Jig, and regardless of what Raster wrote, “pretty much any oregano oil” won’t do as well if it contains 3.5% carvacrol compared to 60-70% — that’s just common sense since the carvacrol is the major antifungal in the oil.


Im really sorry for stealing so much of your time, i would just like to
ask one more question, i found this place for ordering some of that oil,
but it has 80% cavarcol, heres a google translate off the site :
The manufacturer is:
Accurex Healthcare Manufacturing Inc. Kanada

Is this one of the Boiled oils you were talking about? It does say organic,
but im not sure!

Once again, sorry for bothering you so much!
Thanks for all the help!