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moochpb;38059 wrote: Why would my tongue look pink one day and like today white as hell. Nasty. At work I was in a moldy basement last night and my throat is scratchy today also. Maybe allergies, or still die off? I have no clue but I hate seeing thrush, which normally my tongue isn’t this coated. Also the past 3 days I’ve been pretty strict on my diet even more. Thanks

Hi mooch,

I have been wondering the same!! I was doing oil pulling with coconut oil 15-30 min daily regularly for a few weeks, and my tongue clears up and is pink. Yet, I feel like when I stop this and don’t continue to practice, it “comes back” slightly (white, slightly yellow) on back of tongue (where raised bumps/taste buds are). I brush my tongue, as well, daily. Sometimes brushing solves it and it’s back to fully pink, but sometimes its not. My diet has not altered at all.

I did stop taking my Advair medicine (as I am asthmatic) to see if this would help. I do have a drier mouth. Then part of me thinks I am crazy and maybe that’s how my tongue normally looks. Until observing my candida symptoms, I never really inspected the back of my tongue on a daily basis!

I’m so glad you asked this question, and am curious to see discussion/responses.