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Vinci wrote: I was told I had ibs, but have never looked into FODMAPs. I’ve just been looking through a list of foods to avoid. Garlic’s in there too, which I’ve been eating, but haven’t had any reactions from. I guess it’s just a matter of eating different foods and if I get gas from it, then cut it out until later. If there are no noticeable symtoms, then I presume it isn’t doing any harm.

I think the idea of a low-FODMAPs diet is digestibility. FODMAPs aren’t digested by human enzymes, so they ultimately end up being eaten by bacteria. Simple starches like white rice and potatoes are more likely to be broken down and absorbed in the small intestine. Certain fruits and sugars are even more easily absorbed. I think preventing undigested food from reaching the colon and maintaining stable blood sugar are the most important things to aim for.