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Hello, Sally.

Thank you so much for letting the forum know that the oil therapy can help them, I believe a lot of people think that it’s just another quack’s crazy idea. If you will, I would appreciate it if you would post that same information on the post I made titled “Oral Thrush” so that more people who are interested will find it.

As far as the spit test is concerned, I don’t have a lot of faith in it, partly because results between different Candida sufferers can vary so much, but also because we all have Candida in our systems, some to a higher degree than others, so I have to wonder if this fact alone could make the test negligible in some cases. You’re more likely to have an answer from your personal results. Were the results different, meaning positive for Candida, before you tried the oil therapy? If so, that means that the test probably worked for you.

I’m really glad that the therapy helped you. Thanks again for letting us all know.