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Hello, Sally.

I can tell you before I type this that you may think it all sounds about as crazy as anything you’ve heard. But do you own research if you choose to, there’s plenty of it around both online and in libraries.

Something called ‘oil pulling therapy’ is supposed to have a very good chance of, if not curing, at least greatly eliminating most of the yeast of oral thrush. If you do your own research, you may see it referred to as “oil swishing.” What it amounts to is putting a good mouthful or a tablespoon full of oil in a clean mouth and then swishing it around just like you’d do if you were using a mouth wash. You need to do this for 10 to 15 minutes at least, and you won’t swallow it any more than you’d swallow your mouth wash.

‘Swishing’ of course means to push it back and forth between your teeth as well as all around your mouth, back and front. The oil will grow thicker as you swish it around, but after a while it should start to feel thin or watery. Spit it out at the end of the time, rinse with salt water and brush your teeth very well. The oil pulling gets rid of the toxins and bacteria in your mouth without disturbing the healthy flora.

Oil pulling is native to the country of India, and apparently this therapy has been going on for thousands of years, all the way back to the Ayurvedic medicine period, with both Hinduism and Buddhism having a great influence on this particular medicine practice. From what I understand, one of the main goals of Ayurvedic medicine was to eliminate toxic elements from the body, which of course the oil pulling therapy addresses.

A few things to remember:

1. Do the oil-pulling on an empty stomach with a clean mouth – up to three times a day (optional), first thing in the morning and before each meal.

2. Wash, clean and blow your nose before the therapy.

3. While the oil is in your mouth, you can slowly blow your nose to clear while holding the oil inside the mouth.

4. Sensations or even irritation may possibly cause you to sneeze or cough while doing the oil pulling. Just try to go slowly and remain as relaxed as possible.

5. If phlegm gathers in your mouth or throat, you can spit and start over with fresh oil.

6. Try to purchase unprocessed oils such as coconut oil, sesame, or safflower.
Whether or not you try this is up to you, but do some research before you decide either way, see what others who have used the method have to say about it.