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Hi there.
i too felt dreadful for weeks when I started the diet. i lived on homemade vegatable soup for a few weeks and nothing else. I cant speak for you because we are all different but if Im honest I didnt see an improvemnet for about 6 weeks, then suddenly wham! I started to feel about 5% better every week. Its a long process if you have it bad, I think mine got systemic and had really taken hold before i found out what it was. Its a long journey and i feel for you. Im 11 months in and 70-80% better, I hoped to be fully cured by now but ive learned so much on the way and i know i am getting there and you will too! you are doing so well considering how many people give in at the first sign of die off.
I also take caprillyic acid and biocin daily as well as vitamin c. I am waiting for my blood purifyer to come because its supposed to kill candida in a few weeks. If it works i will be posting the results on here.
keep up the good work and rememebr you are not alone. You are on the right track and your body is fighting to get its balance, its an illness that affects us all differently and some people take longer to recover but know you are doing the right thing and it will get better. good luck! x