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I’ve never experimented with oregano leaves myself, but if you can’t obtain the oil, you really have no choice but to try what you described, which amounts to making oregano tea.

Quote: “Since cutting out brown rice I’ve basically been relying on soba (buckwheat noodles) and millet to fulfill my daily grain/carb requirements. All the other items mentioned (oat bran, rice bran, coconut bread) seem to be types of flour. Assuming I can even locate the stuff, is there any way to consume these that doesn’t involve baking? Ovens are not priorities where I live, and I don’t even know anyone who has one. My kitchen has a stove top burner, a rice cooker, and a microwave. Any ideas on how to utilize this kind of set-up?”

Reply: I’m fairly certain that I’ve read something about baking bread in a microwave, you may want to do a search on this.

Oat bran isn’t ‘exactly’ a flour, although it can be used as such. It can be made into a hot cereal, and I imagine you could use any of these as a soup thickener if you want to. Otherwise, I have no idea how to incorporate them into cooking without baking the products, unless you can bake on top of your stove which certain cookware will allow for. Perhaps some of the ladies or other guys will have a few ideas.