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kty wrote: OK so most of my symptoms are nearly gone. but the other day a little boy in the school I work in gave me a halloween bun that he had made for me. how could I say no. I shared this little bun with 3 other people so that I didnt have to eat the whole thing, so I only really had a mouthful. (was very yummy by the way lol) anyhow, the day after my thrush had come back really bad, I was soooo tired and felt like crying all day, my head was pounding too. Not a good mood to be in when you work with 4yr olds! could it really have been that little bit of bun? I felt fine again the day after that.

Hi, Kty. Good to hear from you, but not with that news, sorry you went through that.

It really could be the bit of bun you ate which caused the bad day. But this wasn’t just because of the Candida; what you did was to put your body in a form of shock from the regular sugar that you’ve been avoiding for so long. You’ve allowed your body to become acclimated to a new way of eating, basically a more healthy way without sugar. I’ve mentioned before that your body can totally adapt to basically anything that you do to it, even the food you do or do not feed it. Your body was accustomed to basically NO sugar at all, at least not the type that it received with the bite of bun. Not only did you feed it sugar, but also the carbs turned into sugar once it was broken down in your system. This can happen to anyone if they’ve trained their body to live without sugar, whether they have Candida or not.

By the way, this was a perfect way for your body to show you what eating sugar on a daily basis does to our bodies.