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hope4eva77;34073 wrote: the probiotic is florababy it has 4 billion cultures and 5 strains

Hope, I wouldn’t want to give this probiotic to anyone, adult or child since it contains Maltodextrin, which is a sugar. The company probably added it to the mix to make the probiotic tastier for children.

You can give her a higher number of strains by using an adult probiotic but giving a lower dose. My nephew is giving his 17 month old son an adult probiotic just to fight off colds and the flu this winter; the baby doesn’t even have a yeast problem.

According to the ratio of weight to billions for an adult dosage, a 27 pound child could take at least 30 CFU’s a day. You could start with a lower number of course, and slowly work up. You can mix a portion of the powder from the capsules with the contents of the baby’s bottle. If you could get her used to drinking kefir, this would be extremely beneficial.