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able my bottle of florababy dosent have maltexderen but i ahev an extra few bottles of probitics udos choice adult but has potato starch ,i purchsed them b4 i knew about candida and got renew life instead im thinking mayb give this to her half the dose and then switch to half of mine ?she idint like drinking the tea spoon of coconut oil i melted for her i think she may have got half and spit the rest out .idk what im doing there mayb mix with water ?

Okra thank u so much yes thats exactly it what it is he eats sweets and then she will cry for sum and he will feel bad and give her sum !i can only keep telling him and if this dosent go away with the coconut oil he will most likely be more understanding .she does pick of my plate and loves rutabaga and brussel sproats ,i have to cut out the starch a lil more though ,i told him to stop giving her bread and do roll ups instead i hope he will get the picture and we should be good i can easily gradually get her eating off my plate more and more .i understand it gets annoying having them bum rush u for your food when u are sick and sooo hungry !but ofcourse we see they should b eating those foods as well lol .

thanks for the kefir tip i will start slow ,she didnt drink the store bought so im hoping she will the homemade i give her fruit so i could add fruit to hers if she wont .its the starch and sweets thats gotta go ,i have no intentions of taking out her fruit ,cheese or milk i just feel that a baby that age needs those things .she loves potatos so i doubt im getting rid of them but pasta and sweets and bread gotta go !she will eat my bread also and likes it .i never give her bread and give her roll ups but sometimes he will forget and give her sandwich ,im really hoping i wont have to call the doc over this thanks !