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PUFAs seem to benefit candida and lead to general poor health in a lot of ways. There was a study or two suggesting marine oils could kill candida though. People without candida have experienced positive results with temporary high doses of fish oil. PUFAs have a half-life of around 2-years, so I guess this kind of overcompensation is necessary for short-term gains. PUFAs and especially marine oils are extremely unstable, so I think there are a number of drawbacks to this approach. I’ve come to believe the best strategy for long-term health is minimising all PUFAs, relying mainly on those found in dairy, meat, eggs and vegetables for EFAs and occasional fatty fish for O6-O3 balance. I’m starting to lose faith in supplements in general, although some are hard to avoid (vitamin D).

There’s an in-depth look at EFAs here if you’re interested