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Floggi;53977 wrote:
I do know of breathing problems in relation to oil, but those problems only occur with lamp oil (or whatever it’s called in English – I mean the very thin kind of oil which is normally used to fuel oil lamps like the one below). The problems usually occur when a child drinks some of this lamp oil from the bottle.

What happens when ingesting such very thin oil is that the oil, due to it being so light and so thinly fluid, “creeps” from the esophagus to the lungs. In the lungs, it counteracts the surfactant which normally keeps the tiny lung alveoli from collapsing. When the surfactant becomes nonfunctional because of the oil, the alveoli collapse, leading to a shortage of breath – possibly a severe shortage of breath, possibly even lethal (by suffocation).

I do not know, however, if drinking a tiny amount of olive oil could cause the same effect.

I have heard similar things with oil.

What I took was an extract/tincture of organic Olive Leaf. It apparently lowers blood pressure enough that they would say so in most write-ups on it…but I also read that it is one of the safest herbs to take for boosting immunity,colds,flu,even AIDS. I was very impressed.