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Vegan Catlady
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interesting raster, but im sure at this point this was not die off.

when I get die-off, I get very ill….my head gets affected first, then a slew of other problems follow.

This was my blood pressure!
I have had low blood pressure my whole life, and have had very minor problems with it going too low on certain meds in the past. This was it getting so low that I thought the room was going dark for a minute, and my muscle strength left. It was back an hour later, still weak but almost back. Salt helped get me right again.

Die-off for me lasts the whole day and some of the next.

My experience with antifungals are coconut oil, candidase enzymes, a tincture with echinacea and cinnamon/clove oil, and various herbal teas. Turnips. I think thats about it.

The die-off from garlic alone put me in the hospital before I knew it was antifungal.
I thought I was going to die, with the headache and dizziness and anxiety attack. Like a hideous hangover.
Lasted 2+ days!
Had no idea what I did, and why it happened at the time, though I understand now,lol.

There is a warning on some sites saying Olive Leaf lowers blood pressure, I think I read it on Web MD as well….but I didnt listen, because it said if you are on pressure-lowering drugs, and I am not.

I didnt think if they gave it to children that it would affect my blood pressure.

I did garlic,clove,cinnamon,and coconut oil tonight and I couldnt tell I took anything.
I know the candida is still there though because I still feel a sore throat 🙁

Now I am very confused about the rotation-info, because I had read that garlic and coconut oil and cinnamon were the antifungals that candida didnt become resistant to. I learned that garlic is strong against like 24 out of 26 strains of candida, but that the strains that it is strong against, it will always kill.

I do know though that candida can become resistant to Olive Leaf…thats why I want to continue to take it…to use it while it still works. Just so scared of my pressure dropping again.