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Vegan Catlady;53965 wrote: Im waiting on an herbal formula from Dr Morse’s healthsite and decided to take cert. organic olive leaf extract by GAIA HERBS while I waited for it to come in.

I notice that Olive Leaf is said to be so gentle to the system (not to candida…I realize die-off can be severe) that it is a big-player in children’s immune formulas.

The bottle says to take 30-60 drops in water on empty stomach.
I put 30 drops in water and only drank half of it.

My knees gave out, my heart raced, and I thought I would pass out.
Those symptoms didnt scare me though.
What scared me was that it felt like I lost muscletone in my lungs, it was so difficult to draw-in a breath!
This was hours ago and I am still having a little effort drawing in a breath.
Its improving though.
My muscles still feel really weak and shaky. My chest hurts.

I immediately drank more water and had some salt.
Couldnt think of anything else to do.

Has anyone else had this reaction, and if you have, does it go away with regular use?
Does it get worse?

How much time did it take for your body to react?
Was it instantly, 1 hour, etc?