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Vegan Catlady
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jameskep;53997 wrote: Catlady,
I had the same effects with olive leaf lowering my blood pressure and making me loopy. There is a good amount of herbs that act as diuretics. Some people are more more sensitive than others. I also struggle with low blood pressure, especially in the winter time. I found eating too much greens(diuretic properties) can affect BP. Eating too much veggies can have some affect. Part of it has to do with the potassium to sodium ratio in your body. If your too high in potassium and too low in sodium this can cause your BP to be lower. I found if i can increase my sodium levels it helps to raise my BP. Also eating higher level of fats/oils seems to help keep my BP up. I found low BP can cause lethargy and disorientation so i do what i can do to try to avoid it. The problem with yeast overgrowth is that it produces too much acetaldehyde(alcohol like substance) which can screw with your electrolyte levels. When your electrolyte levels get screwed with then it can affect your BP levels. I work outside so during the winter time on really cold days i’ll do a little cayenne pepper in a gelatin capsule to help keep my circulation and BP up. A hot bath or shower can help but that’s not always accessible.

Herbs can create some effects which people can confuse with die-off. Herbs don’t really cause “true” die-off–which is cell membrane leakage. Herbs are designed to inhibit candida but not to kill it. Dr. Jeff can also explain this as well. In nature plant chemicals are not designed to kill candida but to keep it in balance. The acception might be concentrated essential oils(lavender oregano etc…) But these concentrations are not found in nature.

That electrolyte business makes alot of sense to me.

Like you, I prefer the herbs for the reason that its not about killing but about keeping them naturally in-check. I resonate with keeping things in balance, going overboard with antifungals – which is a natural response because you feel invaded- just creates more imbalance I think.

If you are referring to Mc Combs, I have read many of his articles. I like what he has to say, espcially since im not about going strict low carb.

What is it that you do outside for work?