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I didn’t cheat much, and if I did, it was definitely none of the junk foods, but I would eat tiny bit of brown rice or baked potato every once in a while when I had no other options or I would sample a bite or two of cheese. Did not have any sugar, but had 1/4 teaspoon of honey few times in oat bran breakfast meal. I must say that it tastes super sweet to me. I eat granny smith apples now and those taste sweet to me. I thought that my dad purchased the wrong kind and had my mom taste it and she says: “yup, they are sour to me”

I didn’t taste pizza in probably year and half and just looking at it, I cannot make myself take a bite. It has no nutritional value to me and presents only trouble. The only thing I miss on this diet is cheese as I am cheese lover (I must have been a mouse in past life!) and I sample a bite or two occasionally when preparing kids dinner. I must say that same cheese I ate before this diet tastes much stronger, much more flavor than before.

So yes, your taste does change after a while. But I think it’s for the better. If you choose to reintroduce some sweet into your diet, you will probably not overdo it anymore. I feel that I could just die if I ate a chocolate cake (and I must say that it doesn’t seem all that attractive to me any longer).