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I have had it happen both ways…I have been on various restricted diets for the last two and a half years due to food intolerances. No gluten, potatoes, sugar, soy, corn, etc…list kept getting longer, and then sometimes I would just break down and eat whatever when I was starving and hadn’t prepared well for a party or something.

I found that Doritos, which I used to eat by the bag, are freaking DISGUSTING!!! Who knew? So are donuts and cheap cake :p

However, there were some other foods, like whole wheat bagels and bread with a million seeds in it, that are still like heaven on earth to me and I really, really can’t wait for the day that I can eat them every once in awhile again.

Same thing with potato chips…I had a breakdown about two months ago and bought a small bag of some crazy flavored chips (my biggest weakness) and it was practically a religious experience. It took me three sittings to get through the small bag though, so I didn’t overdo it or anything. I could definitely tell that more than a handful would make me very sorry. Some habits are hard to break…but it doesn’t mean I’ll ever go apeshit on them again.